study bays me – Educational policy of the government attaches increasing importance to the area of ​​digital technology.

Tools such as television, mobile phones and the Internet play an important, supportive role in learning and adult education in the landscape (in the UK) you can see a lot of valuable initiatives on the border between fun and learning. Futurelab report “Non-formal education of adults using technology” presents an overview of different activities – from the common game in the Wii Fit After participating in online communities – which can foster self-education. This type of informal adult education is a response to the challenges of a changing society – the report says. The report contains data from public opinion research in the UK. As many as 94% of adult respondents said that in the last three months undertake educational activities (informal), and 79% admitted that they have used all kinds of educational resources, most commonly on the internet, on television or on DVD. 48% of respondents admitted that they learn in their free time, because they like to dokształcać, 33% – because they stimulate the brain in this way. On average, a week adults in the UK spend 8.5 hours on informal learning, using a variety of technologies to deepen their knowledge and skills. Futurelab sees a chance to intensify educational activities aimed at adults, and therefore together with a report indicating the dissemination of adults, with what sources can use to complement / broaden their knowledge. Examples of initiatives use cell phones to learn foreign languages, or analyzing family histories usinContinue reading